Professional Information about Brian Roth

During the late 1960's and into the early 1970's, I began my career as the "soundman" for local bands in the Oklahoma City area.  From there, I began a career within both the radio and television broadcast markets and also gained extensive experience within other areas of professional audio, video and electronic systems.  Since my beginnings, my skills have expanded to provide a number of technical services to various professional industries:

» Design, installation, and service for commercial recording studios.

» Design and installation services for commercial radio stations.

» Facility design and installation of broadcast television production studios.

» Custom-designed electronic equipment for professional audio and video facilities.

» Design and installation of multi-media presentation facilities for business.

» Business telephone PBX systems.

» Local and wide-area computer networking.

I am providing two Acrobat (PDF) documents that describe my professional history and experience:

My professional resume.

Update:  I FINALLY updated this file which describes the variety of my revised in April 2012.  It likely contains more information than anyone could ever require regarding my work history:

Listing of various projects.

About these web pages:

My business is professional Audio and Video electronic systems design, not HTML coding. Hence, I don't waste time adding swirling graphics, erratic pull-downs or popups or similar BloatWare... so these pages should load quickly on even a slow dial-up connection. Yep, it's "plain Jane", but I know that a designer/consultant who pays a "web guru" needs to charge his clients for those bells and whistles! I strive to run a Tight Ship, so my goals here are to honestly describe my abilities, provide descriptions of services that I can sucessfully perform, share technical information, and perhaps add some levity to your day!

Speaking of Levity...

Oh's a pic of me as I produced a multi image show behind the screen during a early 1980's presentation.  Shown is a Tascam Model 10, Tascam 4-track, and AVL "Eagle" sync units were on the scaffolding.  The sounds of nine or fifteen Ektagraphics clacking were part of the show.

In more recent times, I had the pleasure of spending an evening with Dale Manquen (formerly Project Manager at 3M, Ampex, and Martinsound/Flying Faders) and as he drove through Oklahoma.  That's Dale on the left, and we both were wearing our Ampex ball caps as we toured several local recording studios.  Click: for Dale's website.

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